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The Seed of Light – Food Donations Center is part of Light for the People Ministries, an Irish Christian non-profit organization that buys, collects, and distributes food to families in need, with the aim of meeting their basic needs.



The Seed of Light - Food Donations Center's mission is to distribute food to meet needs of people in need, especially in the county of Roscommon.



Our vision is to fight food waste.

Every year tons of food are sent to the garbage. We develop partnerships and projects to minimize the waste of food that is safe and good for consumption with food production, distribution, and marketing companies.

We believe that by identifying waste in production, distribution, and sales chains, we can help companies manage excess while meeting the needs of people who are struggling.

Our effort is to get basic food to those who need it most across the Republic of Ireland, and in the years to come we want to be able to help meet the needs of our communities.

How can you participate in a volunteering program?

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